Here's What My Clients Are Saying About My Services:

Sixteen years ago after the death of my husband, I needed to get my house appraised. Not knowing where to turn, I asked a realtor who frequently represented properties in my area. Mark Handler cheerfully met with me, and gave me a detailed written estimate of the property.

A number of years later, the house needed to be leased, as I was moving to a new location. Once again, I contacted Mark. He assisted with the leasing of my house in Mandeville Canyon three different times. He was always thorough and helpful, and I came to trust his expertise completely.

In August of 2020, my second husband and I decided to move back to the Mandeville Canyon house and needed to sell our current residence in the Pacific Palisades. Mark came to the house, walked through, promptly presented us with comps of the neighborhood, and gave us advice about the price we should ask and work that should be completed prior to the listing. I was surprised and overwhelmed by the way he took charge of the upgrading of our property. He found a contractor and arranged for all of the work. When issues came up with the repairs, he took charge and saw the job through to completion. I had no idea that a realtor could or would be that involved just getting the house ready to put on the market.

Then our house was listed. I expected an easy, quick sale. That was not the case. This was probably due to Covid, but I have never seen someone work as hard as Mark to get us our price and to be available and communicative at each step of the process. We had a difficult buyer who had a challenging loan situation. It was an unexpectedly arduous process. The impressive thing was that Mark never seemed to be discouraged, was always positive, and held our hands along the way.

Now that the escrow has closed, I really miss the many interactions we had with Mark. I have come to think of him as a true friend.

-Jill and Richard Taw

Here's What My Clients Are Saying About My Services:

"I think that Mark is as professional as they come when it comes to choosing a broker to buy or sell a home. His dedication and understanding of what we were looking for is the main reason my family and I will be moving into our first home in which Mark represented us on as buyers."

-Adam Zwick